Calypso Fitness Gdynia Klif

Gdynia, Zwycięstwa St. 256, Tel.58 743 25 31
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Facilities of the club - Gdynia

Club contact

Calypso Fitness Gdynia Klif
Al. Zwycięstwa 256
81-525 Gdynia
tel. 587432531

Kids Play Zone Opening Hours
Poniedziałek – Piątek 16:00 – 21:00
Sobota – Niedziela 9:00 – 15:00




Club Manager
Anna Gloc Żyszkiewicz


Call usTel. 58 743 25 31

801 102 102
801 102 102

O klubie Calypso Fitness Gdynia Klif

Our gym and fitness club are located in the Klif shopping center in Gdynia in the Orłowo district – the PKP station is a 7-minute walk away. Motorists can use the car park at Klif, and those choosing public transport will get to the club by bus. Nearby are Kolibki, a huge adventure park, the Kolibkowski stream and Marysieńki cave, and the sea. Just after training, you can go on a well-deserved relaxation on the beach.

Our personal trainers will help you to create an individual training plan, as well as advise you on diet and hint which group classes will help you achieve the desired results – both enthusiasts of intensive training and exercises at a calmer pace and lower level of advancement (e.g. healthy spine, pilates) will find something for themselves. See all types of activities and amenities available in our fitness club in Gdynia.

Club location:
Calypso Fitness Gdynia Klif
81-525 Gdynia, Aleja Zwycięstwa 256
Phone: 58 743 25 31

All activities:


general rehabilitation gymnastics

super buttocks

fit body workout

cross training

express buttocks

express belly

• power bike – endurance

power bike – interval

power bike – strength


core training

flat belly



express stretching

body shape


healthy spine

fit kids

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Calypso Fitness S.A. jest beneficjentem Subwencji Finansowej udzielonej przez Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A. w ramach Tarczy finansowej 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla Mikro, Małych i Średnich Firm.