Polityka prywatności Calypso Fitness

  1. The Operator is the administrator of the User personal data voluntarily provided to the Operator for the purpose of Registration and for the purpose of performing the Agreement in the scope of the fitness services or within other circumstances specified in the Customer Zone Regulations.
  2. The Medical Partner is the administrator of the personal data of the Users provided to the Operator on a voluntary basis for the purpose of performing the Agreement in the scope of the medical package services.
  3. The Operator will entrust the processing of the personal data of the Users who are using the Partners’ Fitness Facilities, with the Partners.
  4. The personal data will be processed by the Operator and Medical Partner solely on the basis of a data processing authorization and solely for the purpose of performing the orders or providing the services by the Operator or Medical Partner, the Customer Zone services, the handling the complaints and potentially pursuing the claims, as well as for the justified purposes related to the tasks of personal data administrators.
  5. The personal data of the User training progress processed within access to training progress will be processed solely on the basis of a written consent of the User.
  6. The personal data is provided to the Operator on a voluntary basis, with the reservation that failure to provide the data specified in the Customer Zone Regulations within the Registration process will make the Registration impossible and will prevent the User from opening a User Account and from concluding an Account Agreement and from provision of the Services by the Operator and Medical Partner.
  7. The personal data provided by the User will be stored for the period no longer than necessary for the purpose of executing the objective, for which it has been collected, in particular for the period of providing the Services ordered by the User and of using the Customer Zone.
  8. Whoever provides its personal data to the Operator will be entitled to access, adjust or delete it or to limit the processing thereof, as well as to transfer that data. The User who has consented for its personal data to be processed for marketing purposes will be entitled to appeal against the processing of its data for statistical or marketing purposes at any time, and in the scope in which such processing is associated with direct marketing.
  9. The Operator will allow the personal data to be removed from its data files, in particular in the case of deleting a User Account. The Operator may refuse to delete the personal data if the User has violated the applicable provisions of the law and the retention of the personal data is necessary for the judicial authorities to explain those circumstances and determine the User’s liability.
  10. The Operator must protect the personal data it is provided with an exercise every effort for the purpose of securing it against unauthorized access or use. The User personal data files are treated as a separate database, stored on Operator’s server, in a special security zone that offers proper protection.
  11. The Operator may not provide, sell or lend the collected User personal data to third parties or institutions, unless the User explicitly consents to it, on account of provision of other Customer Zone services or at the request of the User, on the basis of the applicable provisions of the law or at the request of a court, public prosecutor’s office, police or another, entitled public authority, if the User has violated the provisions of the law. The Operator will use the services of a third party hosting company that provides its servers for the functioning of the Website.
  12. With the express consent of the User, the Operator may transfer User’s personal data, in the scope necessary for performing the payment selected by the User, to the eCard S.A. company with its registered office in Warsaw – if the User has selected the method of payment via the eCard payment system.
  13. The Operator reserves the right to disclose the aggregate, general statistical reports on the Users to online companies. Such reports may be associated with Website traffic and will not include User personal data.
  14. The User is entitled to submit a complaint against the Operator’s activity that violates the rules of personal data processing, to the regulatory authority responsible for personal data processing in the Republic of Poland (GIODO or another authority established for that purpose under the law).
  15. The Operator applies a “cookies” mechanism – the files are recorded by the Operator’s server on the hard drives of the User terminal devices while the User uses the Websites.
  16. The application of “cookies” is aimed at ensuring the proper operation of the Websites on the terminal devices of the Users. The mechanism does not damage the terminal device of a User or cause any configuration changes therein, or in the software installed thereon. “Cookies” are not used for User identification.
  17. The Operator uses “cookies” for:
    1. recording the information on the User terminal devices;
    2. verifying and developing its offer;
    3. statistical purposes.
  18. Every User may switch off the “cookies” mechanism in the web browser of their terminal device. However, the Operator informs that switching “cookies” off may cause difficulties with or prevent from using the Websites.

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