Complementary training in running

Two competitors meet on the starting line, both have worked well for the preparatory period and feel they will win the race. The contestants start, go to the head of the race, maintain a good pace and beat the first kilometers practically at the same time, but with the number of kilometers run one of them begins to slow down, unlike the other one who is winning and with the gold medal around the neck he leaves the podium. Are you wondering what has drastically affected the difference in the result of both players? Using this article I will explain to you what complementary training is and how to use it to maximize your results.

Spices that boost taste and metabolism

The use of spices can do a lot more than just enrich the taste of dishes. Some of them contain substances that can help you work on your figure. The following article presents herbs that show slimming properties.

Characteristics of “push&pull” training – the optimal solution for advanced

Are you an intermediate or advanced person and are you thinking about changing your training plan? Have you gone through a half-year, monotonous FBW? Have you completed the annual internship on “split”? Are you looking for new tools and solutions to further work on the figure that will allow you to grow without limits? Therefore, you must read this article and find out what the “PUSH & PULL” strategy is.

Sleep deficiency and its effect on health

Sleep is an indispensable element of human existence – while sleeping, we spend about one-third of our lives. The basic issue that ensures health, which many people forget about, is taking care of the circadian rhythm and its appropriate regulation. The following article explains the effect of sleep deprivation on various aspects of our daily functioning.

Carbohydrate or protein-fat breakfasts?

Breakfast has long been presented as “the most important meal of the day”. At present, two trends have been created in terms of breakfast. The first recognizes the consumption of the protein-fat meals. The other, however, allows the addition of carbohydrates. The choice should be made depending on our needs. Which meal type is right for you and how are they different?

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