The application of creatine in sport

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements. Its supplementation brings the desired results to physically active people. It enables athletes to do more work on training, leading to increased gains in strength, muscle mass and endurance.

Health benefits of taking up physical activity by seniors

The right dose of physical activity at each stage of life is very important. Maintaining fitness and condition in seniors results in the improvement of many health parameters, therefore exercise should be an indispensable part of everyday life.

Warm-up function in runners training

In general, the main task of a warm-up is to make running easier and safer for us in terms of injuries. How should the correct warm-up look?

Does a healthy diet have to be expensive?

A healthy diet is often associated with high financial expenditure. Relying on fancy, expensive products often doesn’t encourage you to start changing your diet. The following article answers the question of whether a balanced menu must actually cost a fortune?

Straighten up man! How to take care of a healthy and upright posture?

If somebody of you sitting at the family table has never heard the words “Don’t slouch like this!” or “Straighten up!” – cast the first stone. From an early age, parents admonished us to adopt a straight figure. But, after a short self-control and assuming the expected position, we were quickly and without reflection returning to the comfortable position for us. What to do to stop slouching? You will learn from the article below.

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