How can a weekend deviation from the diet ruin the whole week of working on your figure?

I dare say that each of us knows a person who constantly mentions that he is on a diet. He does everything to lose unwanted kilos. Were it not for this individual’s assurance of his sacrifice, we would not have been aware of it, because both the behavior during weekend meetings and the image of his silhouette do not indicate that this heroism has been undertaken and brings the intended results.

How to take care of a healthy diet of a child?

Children are a group of people particularly sensitive to the effects of improper diet. This is due to the increased demand for energy during the period of intensive growth and development. A balanced, richly nutritious diet for the youngest is extremely important to ensure proper maturation.

Insulin resistance in sporstmen

The number of people with insulin resistance in the world is constantly increasing, which is particularly evident in highly developed countries. This increase is correlated with the increasing part of the population affected by obesity. Is physical activity indicated for people with reduced sensitivity of body tissues to insulin? The answer to this question, as well as tips and recommendations related to supporting the treatment of this condition you will find in the article below.

How do you read product labels?

The labels of food products apart from the attractive appearance that attracts consumers also present an important informative value. On each package you will find the composition of the product and tables of nutritional values. The article below presents information on how to correctly interpret the data on the label.

Cellulite, where does it come from and how to fight it?

Cellulite is a condition with multifactorial background that more or less affects the vast majority of adult women. This article discusses the basis of the problem, as well as the practical aspects related to planning activities aimed at reducing the visibility of this change.