Straighten up man! How to take care of a healthy and upright posture?

If somebody of you sitting at the family table has never heard the words “Don’t slouch like this!” or “Straighten up!” – cast the first stone. From an early age, parents admonished us to adopt a straight figure. But, after a short self-control and assuming the expected position, we were quickly and without reflection returning to the comfortable position for us. What to do to stop slouching? You will learn from the article below.

Regular trainings and no results? One of the reason – inadequate training volume (part II)

In this part of the article we will answer the question “how to calculate the total training volume of your workout” and raise  questions about volume periodization for optimized training, as well as the most common mistakes that can stop your development.

Regular trainings and no results? One of the reason – inadequate training volume (part I)

Each of us who starts the adventure with training sets a main goals. These goals can be very different. It is popular, that ladies start training with a desire to lose excess weight. On the other hand, for men the main goal is to increase strength and muscle mass. The beginnings instil optimism, e.g. the body changes as a result of regular training. Unfortunately, over time, the effects are minor or they are missing. Why?

How and when should you use the weightlifting belt?

Weightlifting belt is one of the most commonly used training accessory. Who should use it? When it should be used? Is the material and thickness of the belt important? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the article below.

How to use a sauna properly – before or after training?

Sauna for many years has got many supporters. It is known for its beneficial effects on the body. It complements biological regeneration and also has a positive impact on health and well-being. In addition, it supports regeneration, so it is recommended for people who are physically active. From this article you will learn how to use the sauna properly to get the best results.