Superseries and combined series – bring your training to a higher level.

If you experience training stagnation, the level of strength does not increase and you do not see any further effects in the development of muscle tissue, know that the time has come to introduce changes. There are many options. It is possible that the time spent in the gym is not fully used. In this article discussed techniques of training intensification like superseries and combined series.

How to run efficiently?

What is a run? What we call the running phase and how is it different from the cycle? What muscles does the run involve? What functions does the work of the hands perform while running? And what to do to improve running efficiency? You will find the answer to these and many other specific questions in the article below. Read before participating in the marathon.

Insulin resistance in sporstmen

The number of people with insulin resistance in the world is constantly increasing, which is particularly evident in highly developed countries. This increase is correlated with the increasing part of the population affected by obesity. Is physical activity indicated for people with reduced sensitivity of body tissues to insulin? The answer to this question, as well as tips and recommendations related to supporting the treatment of this condition you will find in the article below.

Cellulite, where does it come from and how to fight it?

Cellulite is a condition with multifactorial background that more or less affects the vast majority of adult women. This article discusses the basis of the problem, as well as the practical aspects related to planning activities aimed at reducing the visibility of this change.

“Core” – do you care for postural muscles?

By Core we define the postural (tonic) muscles of our body. These are muscles with a predominance of red fibers called slow-twitch. They are denoted by ST (slow-twitch). These fibers are characterized by a greater oxidative potential, which is associated with greater resistance to fatigue and the ability to work longer. Daily work at the desk in a closed position or browsing content on your smartphone constantly is not conducive to postural muscles. How to take care of them? The answer can be found in the following article.