Regular trainings and no results? One of the reason – inadequate training volume (part I)

Each of us who starts the adventure with training sets a main goals. These goals can be very different. It is popular, that ladies start training with a desire to lose excess weight. On the other hand, for men the main goal is to increase strength and muscle mass. The beginnings instil optimism, e.g. the body changes as a result of regular training. Unfortunately, over time, the effects are minor or they are missing. Why?

How and when should you use the weightlifting belt?

Weightlifting belt is one of the most commonly used training accessory. Who should use it? When it should be used? Is the material and thickness of the belt important? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the article below.

How to use time effectively during an injury? Suggestions for alternative training

An injury is a bane of many athletes. The majority of regularly training runners once in a while are confronted with various overloads and health problems. However what to do to not lose form when we are excluded from running training?

Resistance bands – is it worth using them in your training?

Resistance bands are accessories which can be used by physical active people at all levels of advancement. Sometimes they work as a part of the warm-up, for someone else they are a way to activate the muscles. They also can be used as a part of the rehabilitation or just a part of the regular training.

Training at the gym as a supplement to running training – is it worth it?

Running or gym? Or maybe it’s worth combining one with the other? Runner’s training should not only be based on overcoming different distances. The complete plan should also include elements of dynamic strength, jumping, plyometric, stabilization, gymnastics, endurance and reaction time. Exercises are nothing but a tool, and their use using the right method can increase the runner’s efficiency.

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