Beach as a prescription drug – the importance of vitamin D3 for the proper functioning of the body

Vitamin D has been popular among scientists for many years. Its primary role is to influence bone mineralization, calcium and phosphorus metabolism. However, recent studies have shown that vitamin D still has many other significant functions in our body. Its deficiency is associated with other ailments associated with metabolic, endocrine and inflammatory processes. In addition, it is believed that its insufficient level may negatively affect the performance of athletes or increase the risk of infection and injury.

Epidemic of obesity

Obesity is an increasing problem in the world and it can be easily described as an epidemic. Too large body weight is not only a visual cosmetic problem, but it is also a significant health risk. It is worth considering what factors influence the scale of the problem.

How to balance a vegan diet? Practical tips

The vegan diet has become more and more popular these days. However, this is still a controversial topic, which is why a lot of myths appeared in this matter. The following article presents the main assumptions of this model of nutrition, and also explains what to pay attention to in order to properly balance it.

How can a weekend deviation from the diet ruin the whole week of working on your figure?

I dare say that each of us knows a person who constantly mentions that he is on a diet. He does everything to lose unwanted kilos. Were it not for this individual’s assurance of his sacrifice, we would not have been aware of it, because both the behavior during weekend meetings and the image of his silhouette do not indicate that this heroism has been undertaken and brings the intended results.

How to take care of a healthy diet of a child?

Children are a group of people particularly sensitive to the effects of improper diet. This is due to the increased demand for energy during the period of intensive growth and development. A balanced, richly nutritious diet for the youngest is extremely important to ensure proper maturation.

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