Straighten up man! How to take care of a healthy and upright posture?

If somebody of you sitting at the family table has never heard the words “Don’t slouch like this!” or “Straighten up!” – cast the first stone. From an early age, parents admonished us to adopt a straight figure. But, after a short self-control and assuming the expected position, we were quickly and without reflection returning to the comfortable position for us. What to do to stop slouching? You will learn from the article below.

How to naturally strengthen immunity?

Colds and infections collect abundant harvests among Poles every year. The body’s immunity is to defend against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microorganisms. Many people, guided by the message of television commercials, choose symptomatic treatment, which consists of drug treatment. In some cases it is necessary, but prevention is better than cure. The article deals with the topic of strengthening immunity naturally.

6 practical tips on how to overcome addiction to sweets

Sweets are probably the biggest obstacle to maintaining a good figure. Fighting them is not the easiest, especially since temptations await us at every step. Why is it so difficult to break free from sweet trap?

Christmas without extra kilos – simple and effective advice

Christmas is often associated with a richly laid table and tasting many dishes that are not necessarily considered dietary. Of course, no one in your right mind will lose weight on Christmas Eve, but the Christmas atmosphere does not have to end with unlimited greed.

Beach as a prescription drug – the importance of vitamin D3 for the proper functioning of the body

Vitamin D has been popular among scientists for many years. Its primary role is to influence bone mineralization, calcium and phosphorus metabolism. However, recent studies have shown that vitamin D still has many other significant functions in our body. Its deficiency is associated with other ailments associated with metabolic, endocrine and inflammatory processes. In addition, it is believed that its insufficient level may negatively affect the performance of athletes or increase the risk of infection and injury.

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