Savoir vivre at the gym. What should you remember about?

A fitness club is a place that brings together a physically active community of all ages. In order for everyone to exercise comfortably, it is worth observing unwritten rules of behavior in addition to the rules of the facility. We present a few simple rules of savoir vivre at the fitness club.

What really brings us to the fitness club?

Let’s think about the reasons why more and more people are choosing to go to fitness clubs. Are they all brought there by the same needs or maybe the opposite – there are as many ideas as people? We will try to list the most common ones.

Overtime at work? Take care of a healthy posture and reduce stress

Workload again forced you to stay behind the desk after hours. Accumulating stress, strained muscles, hunched position in front of the computer, uncomfortable chair. A lot of people certainly know what I am writing about. Learn how to take care of a healthy posture and reduce stress.

The difference between healthy reduction and starvation diet

Regardless of whether your goal is to build muscle mass, change body proportions, or reduction, every trainer will tell you something like: “70% of success depends on the diet”.

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