Let's think about the reasons why more and more people are choosing to go to fitness clubs. Are they all brought there by the same needs or maybe the opposite – there are as many ideas as people? We will try to list the most common ones.

• First - a better frame of mind - who does not want to feel good? The increase in the level of endorphins after training will undoubtedly improve the mood for a few hours. Endorphins are so-called happiness hormones, cause better well-being and reduce the perception of pain. They make you smile after physical exercise. The feeling of complacency will probably be enhanced by the satisfaction of well-performed training.

• Health - is there anything more important? Only when we are healthy we can implement not only training but also professional, life and family goals. More and more people understand that to be capable in retirement, you must work in younger years. Health is a factor that allows you to enjoy life and use it fully. I think it is safe to say that this is the most important and best reason to start an adventure with sport.

• Appearance - do not we all want to be young and beautiful? It is obvious that we want to win the others’ approval. The media create the image of beauty by depicting figures almost taken out of the superhero comics. Some of the recipients will do everything to get a little closer to such ideals. The rest of them just want to have a healthy, athletic figure to feel good in their own body. Such a healthy approach is more and more visible and begins to dominate among the practitioners.

• Fashion - if stars, celebrities, people known from television and internet practice and encourage activity, why should not I do it? Currently, exercise, diets, collections of sportswear, supplementation are very fashionable topics. Many people consider belonging to a fitness club as a kind of prestige, they come to trainings to show off, promote themselves.

• Impact of the environment - if my work colleagues exercise, family members take care of their physical condition, it is probably the high time for me too. Our environment always has an impact on us. We are social beings, we form groups, families, subcultures. It is not surprising that to fitness clubs we come with a group of friends to spend time together, build and strengthen relationships.

• Making friends - everyone feels good with people with similar interests. If I care for my body, I like to duff myself up, I want to be with people who like what I do. Thanks to this, we feel comfortable, we have common topics for conversations and we can easily meet new people. Also, lonely people often come to fitness clubs, who, apart from the obvious benefits of training, simply want to spend time among people. After all, nobody wants to be alone, everyone wants to participate in social life. This is well illustrated by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, most often presented in the form of a pyramid. As the most important, it shows physiological needs. The second priority is the need for safety. When the two most important are satisfied, we strive to satisfy the need of belongingness, then respect and recognition, and finally self-fulfillment. The last three are often the reason of purchase of a pass at the fitness club.

• Lifestyle change - 10 years at the desk? Or maybe you spend your whole life in front of the TV? And suddenly, there comes enlightenment. Often, however, it only comes when there is a serious problem with overweight or health. But as the saying goes: it's better late than never. Everyone can start the adventure with training.

Not so long ago, if someone was not a professional athlete, he would rather not be involved in physical activity. Firstly, because the availability of places conducive to training was much smaller than now, and secondly because it was considered abnormal, as a waste of time. If you are not in competition, why do you train?

Maybe it is worth giving here the very general reasons: health, movement, silhouette, improving the metabolic age, etc.

Fortunately, today this trend is clearly reversed. The availability of fitness clubs is increasing, more and more people want to use them. The incentives that bring people to fitness clubs are much more: an increase in self-esteem, the desire to learn, greater awareness, the fight against their own complexes and weaknesses and probably many others that I did not mention.

Each of us can be directed by other motives justifying the hours spent in a fitness club or group activities. Different people, different needs, and consequently different training goals. Any argument to sacrificing these few hours a week for training is good. If thanks to the fact that it is fashionable, or you have been persuaded by your friends, you will appear in the club and do something good for your body, it's fantastic If you want to know the better side of yourself and fight your weaknesses or get rid of complexes, and by the way to do something for your health, it's great. So, it does not matter what makes you exercise, it's important that you do it for yourself.