A fitness club is a place that brings together a physically active community of all ages. In order for everyone to exercise comfortably, it is worth observing unwritten rules of behavior in addition to the rules of the facility.

Good manners are important not only in everyday situations or at the table, but also at the gym. There are also rules that everyone should follow. In addition to the regulations of the gym or fitness club, there are a few unwritten rules that you need to know, so as not to disturb anyone's training or to commit any bloomers.

We present a few simple rules of savoir vivre at the fitness club.

1. Be on first name terms

The gym is a fantastic place where everyone is equal. Positions, titles, amount of money on the account or walk of life are not important. In tracksuits everyone looks the same and that's why it's accepted to call each other by name. Of course, this does not absolve us to express ourselves to other people with due respect. We should not be on the first-name basis only with those exercising people, who are much older than us.

2. Share the equipment with the others

Certainly, you have met with the crowd in the room during the rush hour. This is due to the rapidly growing demand for recreational services offered by fitness clubs, which can already be found on almost every corner. So, you must remember that you are not alone at the gym, and the equipment is not just yours. Share equipment with others and exercise in turns. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary chaos, misunderstandings and fighting for equipment. The gym is not a wrestling ring. Be open and keep in mind that everyone has the same right to use the equipment as you.

3. Clean up after yourself and take care of hygiene

Have you practiced biceps using a barbell? Put it back in place. Did you finish the series on the press machine? Put the load on the stands. You can ask girls from reception for help if you do not feel up to clean up after yourself ;). This common behavior of some people should be strictly disciplined. Can you imagine a situation where no one puts the stuff in their place? How would you do your training if just looking for equipment around the room and completing it would take 5 minutes before each exercise? Instructors always pay attention to order, but if you see that such behavior takes place, and there is no instructor nearby - do not be afraid to reprimand - everyone else will concur with you.

Use a towel during the training. Put it on the machine before you sit on it. If you forgot it, rent it at the club's reception. You can also use a disinfectant liquid after using the equipment. Let’s take care of cleanliness together, and it will certainly make training more enjoyable for all of us. Remember also about changing your cloths and footwear. For your own safety never exercise barefoot.

4. If you do not know something - ask

Do not be afraid to ask if you do not know something. Many of the exercises performed at the gym can be dangerous. So why risk injury if you are not sure about the correct technique? There are always qualified instructors in the room who serve you with advice. Come and ask for help if you want to try something new. Do not risk your health, one injury can sometimes eliminate us from training for many months.

5. Try not to keep it too loud

The gym is loud enough because of the music, the noise of the treadmill, dropped weights and the sounds of the hardest exercisers. A conversation with a friend or colleague at the other end of the room with screams is not recommended and will make training difficult for other club members. Also, the fact that someone has headphones on and runs a phone conversation running on a treadmill does not mean that others around want to listen to it. Portable Bluetooth speakers are also not advisable. Each gym provides its clients with appropriate, energetic and training-oriented music. If the music does not suit you, put on your headphones instead of focusing on distracting the others.

I hope this article will help you with your first steps in the gym. If you are not sure about something, you can always ask the club staff who will be happy to help you enter this new world for you.