Superfoods – are they worth placing in the diet?

This article presents several products – popular superfoods that are worth getting into your diet. The natural source of vitamins and minerals are fruits and vegetables, but when we do not have access to Polish fresh products, superfoods come with help. The following is explained what superfood is and what beneficial properties confirmed by the tests shows.

Eating like clockwork – does it make sense?

You’ve probably heard that a healthy eating style is one where meals are eaten regularly, preferably five times a day, and the breaks between them are on average three hours. It is believed that by doing so, we accelerate the metabolism and protect our muscles against catabolism. Unfortunately, we misplace the diet because of the erroneous myths in our consciousness, because considering daily obligations, sticking to a rigid dietary pattern is practically impossible to maintain. So, should you eat your meals at all costs like clockwork?

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