How to use time effectively during an injury? Suggestions for alternative training

An injury is a bane of many athletes. The majority of regularly training runners once in a while are confronted with various overloads and health problems. However what to do to not lose form when we are excluded from running training?

Eating out – what to choose not to ruin your diet?

Do you sometimes like to go out to the pub with your friends or eat something with your family in a restaurant? Eating out in town does not necessarily mean destroying your previous work on your figure. A healthy lifestyle does not mean that we have to take boxes with our food everywhere, and we cannot jump with friends for dinner. All you need to do is learn to make the right choices and look at the dishes that match your eating habits when browsing the menu.

Diet for pregnant and lactating women

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. Nutrition during this period is a key element ensuring health for the developing fetus. The proper development of the child’s tissues, organs and systems ensures an adequate supply of all necessary nutrients.

Resistance bands – is it worth using them in your training?

Resistance bands are accessories which can be used by physical active people at all levels of advancement. Sometimes they work as a part of the warm-up, for someone else they are a way to activate the muscles. They also can be used as a part of the rehabilitation or just a part of the regular training.

Diet and supplementation during injury

Any physical activity carries the risk of injury – from simple injuries to serious fractures. It is worth remembering that a properly balanced diet and selected supplementation can support regeneration and rehabilitation.