Is training on an unstable ground suitable for me?

Training on an unstable ground is getting more and more popular. What do they really give us theoretical exercises focused on the use of “prioprioception”, i.e. deep feeling of our muscles and control over the center of gravity? They are to improve our stability and balance, which are to translate into a general improvement of the sports form, but will this kind of training really have an impact on it? The answer can be found in the following article

The most common mistakes we make when shopping

Changing eating habits may initially cause problems, especially during the first few purchases. Most of us are accustomed to reaching for the products we have tested, without paying attention to the remaining range. In addition even when we updated the menu, we often make a lot of mistakes while shopping, which can easily ruin our previous actions. The following article presents the most common mistakes and several proven ways to make your shopping easier and at the same time the diet you use is healthier and more economical.

Split training – the most popular training program in the gym

SPLIT is the name of one of the most popular gym training strategies. In the fit-community there is a belief that if you do not do split training then you must be beginner. This is not entirely true. Like any training philosophy, this one also has its pros and cons. In this article, I will try to present them clearly. I will teach you how to create your own plans and I will prepare ready-made schemes.

Complementary training in running

Two competitors meet on the starting line, both have worked well for the preparatory period and feel they will win the race. The contestants start, go to the head of the race, maintain a good pace and beat the first kilometers practically at the same time, but with the number of kilometers run one of them begins to slow down, unlike the other one who is winning and with the gold medal around the neck he leaves the podium. Are you wondering what has drastically affected the difference in the result of both players? Using this article I will explain to you what complementary training is and how to use it to maximize your results.

Spices that boost taste and metabolism

The use of spices can do a lot more than just enrich the taste of dishes. Some of them contain substances that can help you work on your figure. The following article presents herbs that show slimming properties.