Do you sometimes like to go out to the pub with your friends or eat something with your family in a restaurant? Eating out in town does not necessarily mean destroying your previous work on your figure. A healthy lifestyle does not mean that we have to take boxes with our food everywhere, and we cannot jump with friends for dinner. All you need to do is learn to make the right choices and look at the dishes that match your eating habits when browsing the menu.

What should you avoid?

Of course we will find plenty of pubs serving kebabs, pizza and other fast food. These are not places that should be regularly visited by people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The best way is to write a list of products that you will absolutely avoid. Of course, this practice depends on your diet. Other restrictions will apply to a person who does not tolerate dairy products, and a different person with celiac disease (the need to exclude gluten). When you suffer from food allergies and use special nutritional protocols, bet on restaurants that guarantee meals without specific allergens.

However, regardless of the diet we use, in a healthy approach we try to avoid in excess of fried products. In many restaurants, the cheapest vegetable oils are used to prepare dishes, which oxidize during heat treatment and it leads to the formation of toxic trans fats. It is always worth asking the waiter whether baked products are baked or fried in frying fat. Additionally, you can ask the service to make changes from outside the menu. For example, you can ask for olive oil separately, which you can pour over the vegetables yourself. You can replace greasy fries with rice or boiled potatoes.

Another tip is to avoid choosing from the menu of wheat based flour dishes, for example pizzerias and crêpes will not be the best choice. Let's focus on dishes that will be as little processed as possible and containing nutritious ingredients. Deciding to follow these simple elements will reduce the risk of eating potentially harmful and poor quality food in restaurants.

So what to choose?

Caring for your eating habits, you don't have to bypass the restaurant. Learn to choose dishes wisely and consciously. Thanks to the growing awareness of healthy eating, there are plenty of places where we can get full-fledged meals, light and dietary dishes.
Dishes worth choosing from the menu:

• Soups - they are low in calories, and consumed before the main meal will increase your satiety, which means you will eat less in the next course. Choose vegetables that are rich in vegetables and not whitened with flour. Examples include tomato, broccoli or bean soup.
• Meat and fish - it's best to choose baked, boiled or stewed, not fried. This method of heat treatment is definitely healthier and there is less chance of a feeling of heaviness after a meal. In addition, pay attention to the type of meat that you choose. Choose proposals without breadcrumbs. Make sure what sauce is added to the meat, avoid those thickened with flour.
• Vegetables - are always a good choice. Choose those baked, stewed or steamed. They can be with spices, herbs, oil. Good additions are feta cheese, goat cheese, eggs. Try to avoid toasts and white bread. In the restaurant, you can easily exchange chips or potatoes for an extra portion of vegetables.
• Macaroni - choose dark, whole-wheat macaroni. Vegetable options, often offered by vegetarian eateries, e.g. zucchini or celery are a great solution.
• Drinks - avoid sweet carbonated drinks, coffee with sugar, syrups and whipped cream. It's best to choose water, tea or black coffee or milk to drink.

Eating out does not necessarily mean ill-considered choices or loss of results of your work on the figure. It is enough to compose a full-fledged meal that will provide a taste sensation and at the same time will be satiated for a long time. Looking through the card, look for fish with boiled vegetables, soups, salads or dishes with groats. Most of the plate should be occupied by vegetables, because they provide a large dose of valuable ingredients.

How to choose the right place for dinner?

It will be much easier for you to make healthy choices when you choose restaurants and you will avoid fast food, casserole or kebabs. A good idea is to choose a place where food by weight is offered, where you can check the portion size. Try to avoid greasy foods flowing in meat sauces or fries - bet on soups, fish, meats, cereals and vegetables. Eating at a restaurant can also inspire you to do something new at home. It is worth using such trips to see interesting connections and experiment in the kitchen. Of course, do not go to extremes, because if we follow the rules of a healthy diet every day, then from time to time we can try a hamburger or ice cream. However, you should be aware of the greater amount of calories you provide in such a meal. These options should be selected once in a while.


Eating out, although pleasant, should not be everyday life, but rather an occasional option. Education in nutritional awareness will allow you to make wise choices and enjoy full health. You don't have to give up your social life; all you have to do is make good choices.