How and when should you use the weightlifting belt?

Weightlifting belt is one of the most commonly used training accessory. Who should use it? When it should be used? Is the material and thickness of the belt important? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the article below.

6 practical tips on how to overcome addiction to sweets

Sweets are probably the biggest obstacle to maintaining a good figure. Fighting them is not the easiest, especially since temptations await us at every step. Why is it so difficult to break free from sweet trap?

Protein – a necessary component of our diet

Protein as the basic building block is one of the most important nutrients necessary for life. It is widely believed that proteins are intended only for physically active people, especially for those who want to build muscle tissue. However, this is a myth. The article below presents the functions, forms and types of protein

Christmas without extra kilos – simple and effective advice

Christmas is often associated with a richly laid table and tasting many dishes that are not necessarily considered dietary. Of course, no one in your right mind will lose weight on Christmas Eve, but the Christmas atmosphere does not have to end with unlimited greed.

How to use a sauna properly – before or after training?

Sauna for many years has got many supporters. It is known for its beneficial effects on the body. It complements biological regeneration and also has a positive impact on health and well-being. In addition, it supports regeneration, so it is recommended for people who are physically active. From this article you will learn how to use the sauna properly to get the best results.