Calypso Fitness Warszawa Q22

Warszawa, Jana Pawła II St. 22, Tel.604 807 394
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Only employees of the Q22 office building have access to the club. We accept users of Multisport and OK System cards.

Meet our coaching staff

Our team consists of incurable sports and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts! They infect with good energy and motivate our Clients to work on themselves. If you are just beginning your adventure with the gym, you’ve come to the right place, our specialists will help you get started, will match the exercises to your needs and abilities, and will instruct you how to do them properly.

If you already have experience in training at the gym, our trainers will be happy to show you new sets of exercises that will diversify your training. Our coaching team is something that distinguishes us – trainers are available to our clients throughout the duration of the membership, every day.

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In our clubs, the TANITA body composition analyzer is available.

Challenge yourself when you want and how often you need, and follow your metamorphosis online, in the My C@lypso zone.

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Personal training – try a new form of training

Check if personal trainings are right for you!

A variety of training plan

Each workout is a different set of exercises. You will not be bored for sure! Trainings are made to measure and tailored to your expectations and needs.

Support in changing habits

Are you trying to live a healthy and active life again?
Do not give up. With the help of a trainer, you will replace unhealthy habits with a good action and build yourself again.

Strong motivation

You still do not have time and you get discouraged quickly?
Let yourself be motivated! The trainer will pick the way to the goal and help you achieve it. Together, you can set a training schedule tailored to your daily plan.

We promote a healthy lifestyle and sports passion. We will make training at Calypso Fitness a ritual and not a routine!

Find a coach

Dominik Bożek
Personal coach
Dominik  Bożek
Every day he is a 2nd degree student at the Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology - biomedical engineering. He graduated from the first medical degree at the Medical University of Warsaw at the First Faculty of Medicine, specializing in electroradiology. After classes, a trainer with great passion and enthusiasm for a sports freak. He completed the trainer course in 2014 right after high school, since then he has not ceased to broaden his knowledge of personal training, medical and dietary issues. Cooperation with the client is for him pure pleasure and the opportunity to share his knowledge and passion. After training with him, physical effort will become your habit and a healthy way of eating a new look at food and the effects we can achieve with it. Years of experience allow him an individual approach to beginners as well as those more advanced. Do you want to start your adventure with the gym, but you do not know how? Don't see the results of your work and need a change? The first consultation is free, come and see for yourself what good training under the supervision of a specialist means. Contact phone: 510-800-065
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Przemek Cyranka
Personal coach
Przemek Cyranka
A graduate of the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, a bodybuilder class II with PZKFiTS license, a personal trainer since 2014 and a certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) trainer. He has a solid background in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and nutrition. For 10 years he was an active player of the University of Warsaw's AZS in light athletics (javelin throw) and a multiple participant in Polish blizzards. He also trained martial arts: muay thai and MMA. Passionate about strength sports. Personal training adapts to the needs and abilities of the mentee, while ensuring that the exercises are safe and varied. It is demanding, and the sense of humor and professionalism make that trainings with Przemek are not only effective, but above all pleasant. Motoo: "If you go back, it's just to take the run up"
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Damian Krawczyk
Cooperating coach
Damian  Krawczyk
Certified motor sport instructor with specialization of personal trainer and dietician. From a young age, inspiring sports lifestyle and everything related to it. Specializes in strength training, general development, functional and motor.
Martyna Wardaszka
Personal coach
Martyna Wardaszka
The main goal of her training is to strengthen the muscles, improve overall fitness, but also reduce fat. What she loves is dynamics, speed, power and strength, awareness that with each workout can be faster, further, harder. She also loved kettlebell and crossfit.
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No available coaches

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