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Are you coming back to sport after an injury or long break? Have you suffered an injury that interferes with your training? Make an appointment with a Rehasport physiotherapist in Calypso.

For athletes, both professional and amateur, health is the most important asset. By entrusting themselves to the Rehasport medical team, they place their confidence in us. Therefore, only complete certainty that we gather the best specialists in individual fields allows us to offer our services to active athletes.


Sport physiotherapy is :

Safety Safety Safety

Greater safety and efficiency of training.

Awareness Awareness Awareness

Body awareness.

Results Results Results

Less risk of injury and better results.

Rehasport is:

Rehasport is one of 52 centers in the world accredited by FIFA with the highest FIFA Medical Center of Excellence certificate. The clinic team consists of orthopedists and physiotherapists who look after the best athletes in the country on a daily basis. The clinic's partners are, among others Polish Tennis Association, Polish Handball Federation, Polish Sailing Association or Polish Triathlon Association.

Contact Rehasport +48 530 105 200 Arranging Calypso visits +48 22 398 86 06

What makes us different?

  • 15 years of experience in orthopedics and rehabilitation.
  • One of 52 centers in the world with FIFA Medical Center of Excellence accreditation.
  • A team of recognized specialists who care about the health of Polish and foreign sport stars on a daily basis.

Rehasport Clinic addons

If during the meeting with our physiotherapist it turns out that for some reasons it is necessary to perform additional tests or orthopedic consultation, then we will invite you to Rehasport at the Medicover hospital in Wilanów district, Warsaw.

  • Orthopedic consultations.
  • Imaging diagnostics (USG, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging).
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Tests and reports dedicated to active people, such as this one
Contact Rehasport +48 530 105 200 Arranging Calypso visits +48 22 398 86 06

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Marcin Bogdański
Marcin Bogdański

I am a graduate of Physiotherapy and Dietetics at the Medical University of Gdansk and have extensive experience working as a physiotherapist. I looked after athletes, including during the World Indoor Athletics Championships, I cared for the health of the members of the Polish Artists Representation. For years I have been deepening my knowledge in the field of motion analysis, injury prevention, exercise physiology or nutrition in sport, and then I pass it on to my mentees. I have finished training on Neurac medical training, as well as several other courses that allow me to find the right form of therapy for almost every patient. I will help you return to full fitness and form in a safe way!

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Kamil Pyrka
Kamil Pyka

I am a graduate of the Medical University in Lublin. For years I have been associated with sport, in private, because I like football, tennis or skiing, as well as professionally. I have a UEFA B football coaching license; I was also a Radomiak Radom physiotherapist. I offer care in the field of medical training and sports rehabilitation, I guarantee professionalism and safety. My competence is emphasized by the fact that I have completed specialist courses, including the use of the PNF method, therapy and respiratory training using the Spirotiger method, manual therapy, modern motor training for team games or an introduction to the methodology of motor training. Working at Rehasport Clinic, a leading Polish sports clinic with the highest FIFA certificate, allowed me to professional contact with the best Polish athletes. I am now passing on these experiences in my work.

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Łukasz Wysocki
Łukasz Wysocki

I am a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Katowice. Thanks to working at Silesia Center, Rehabilitation and Sport Center Biernat or Ruch Chorzów, I gained extensive professional experience. I am interested in orthopedic rehabilitation and biomechanics of sport. From the beginning of my education as a physiotherapist, I focused on participating in courses and training, which deepened my knowledge and developed me as a physiotherapist. Thanks to all of my patients I can ensure finding a safe path back to full fitness. I have certificates in the field of shoulder, hip, lumbar spine and knee rehabilitation. I completed a training course on Maitland’s Concept manual therapy, as well as the PNF method, i.e. proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. I invite you to work together in the field of medical training and sports rehabilitation.

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