Cellulite is a condition with multifactorial background that more or less affects the vast majority of adult women. This article discusses the basis of the problem, as well as the practical aspects related to planning activities aimed at reducing the visibility of this change.

CELLULITE – enemy number one of the female figure

The problem of cellulite affects 85-95% of women after puberty and even though it is not considered a pathological condition, it still remains an aesthetic problem. There are countless guides describing better and better ways to get rid of it. Unfortunately, most manufacturers offering wonderful tablets, creams, spread incorrect information, simply trying to get customers to buy their products.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing but fat found in adipose tissue that breaks through collagen fibers that create something like 'skin scaffolding'. It is formed as a result of changes that appear in the shape of the skin, which cause the formation of specific and irregular swellings under it, reminiscent of the appearance of "orange peel". Cellulite is characterized by inappropriate distribution of fat, and this problem is common, mainly experienced by adult women. At the root of this ailment, however, there are no inflammatory factors, but rather environmental, genetic and hormonal. Estradiol thickens the connective tissue in the skin, as well as the fat ground substance in the lower body, reducing vascular tone with the flow of blood through the vessels, which is the main reason for the formation of the "enemy". It can also be observed that this phenomenon is intensified during pregnancy or contraception, which shows the high importance of estrogen activity in the formation of these skin changes. An important preventive factor is to take care of the hormonal balance. Genetic is another important parameter. Cellulite predispositions are correlated with estrogen predominance and the genes responsible for the texture of the skin. In addition, do not underestimate your lifestyle. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle and the use of a diet rich in processed foods, lack of physical activity, and stress largely contribute to the deterioration of this state of affairs.

The main causes of cellulite formation:

• hormonal disorders - mainly bad proportions between progesterone and estrogen,
• sedentary lifestyle,
• lack of physical activity,
• a diet rich in processed foods,
• shortages in the menu - mainly the lack of vegetables and fruit, rich in antioxidants,
• incorrect water management in the body,
• problems with blood and lymph circulation.

Can you cure cellulite?

Unfortunately, there is no effective method to fight cellulite, which would eliminate the existing problem. Its appearance depends largely on the level of sophistication. There are four stages of cellulite development. The first two are possible to undo, or we are able to significantly reduce its visibility. However, at the third and fourth degree, when the changes are visible without squeezing the skin, and the touch may involve pain, it is usually unrealistic to get rid of the problem. We can find many different ways that are supposedly combating this problem, but most often their effectiveness is small or gives short-term effects.

Examples of well-known methods of combating cellulite:

✔ massage,

✔ micro-needle radio frequency,

✔ laser treatments,

✔ creams,

✔ carboxytherapy,

✔ liposuction.

These methods are not effective in the long term, because they work when you use the services or use of cream, but do not deprive cellulite forever and in 100%. Creams do not eliminate cellulite, but only temporarily reduce its visibility by tightening the skin. Of note are certainly massages, improving blood circulation and its elasticity and ensuring better circulation of the lymph. Its task is to collect toxic substances and then discharge them to the lymph nodes and kidneys, where they are removed from the body. When the connective tissue is not elastic enough, the lymphatic system will not function properly. Indirectly, the efficiency of the lymphatic system is related to the amount of collagen, deficiency of which affects the lower elasticity of connective tissues.

How can we effectively fight cellulite?

✔ a rational way of feeding,

✔ limiting the intake of salt and sugar in the diet,

✔ active lifestyle,

✔ caring for hydration,

✔ taking care of sleep hygiene,

✔ restricting drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes,

✔ maintaining the level of body fat in normal values (in women about 18-25%).


Both the diet based on low processed food, as well as regular physical activity, as well as massages can be an effective tool to fight cellulite. These factors will certainly work on the appearance of your skin, because it will become firm, taut, which will significantly reduce the visibility of cellulite. The basics are the most important, and the treatments or creams can only complement the treatment that improves the appearance of the body.