The summer season is closer than you think. It is worth taking care of better forms and preparation of shapely legs now to be praised in the summer.

What do you think is an indication of the coming summer? Tree buds? Rise of temperature? Longer days? Nothing could be more wrong. This is, of course, a lot of women in gyms, more specifically besieging cardio equipment. Bicycles, steppers, treadmills can not withstand the intensity of successive kilometers. Ladies for fear of getting too much muscle (oh, if it were so easy!) They shun the strength training and instead devote all their time to "spin the cardio" in order to lose a few kilograms. There is nothing wrong with it if you care about losing weight. Unfortunately, there is a difference between weight reduction and fat reduction. Because when we lose weight we also lose muscle mass, which gives shape, youth and firmness to our silhouette. Performing only aerobic training (cardio) the legs remain "saggy" and the flat buttocks. Which woman wants to have flat buttocks? None. Unfortunately very often, subconsciously destroy their efforts themselves during the backbreaking aerobic sessions at the gym.

What I can offer to all the ladies based on working with my clients is to invest in weight training with weights and treat cardio only as an addition.
I will now try to justify the correctness of my approach.
By force training you stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.
As I mentioned earlier it gives shape to your body.
The skin stays tense and with low fat the cellulite disappears.
The more muscles on our skeleton, the greater is our BMR (Basic MetabolicRate - Basic Metabolic Transformation).
Muscle tissue is for our body "exclusive tissue" on which the maintenance needs a lot of calories supplied with food.
Thus, the more muscles we can eat more without tying, or eat invariably, faster to lose weight.
In comparison to people with lower levels of muscle mass.

Do not be afraid of burdens

Dear ladies do not be afraid of burdens and do not say that you do not want to become too masculine. Your body almost does not produce testosterone and it is a hormone that conditions the amount of muscle mass. That is why men usually have more muscles, in which testosterone is the main sex hormone. If I have already dispelled all your doubts, it is time to take up training. If you have limited your workouts so far to the treadmill or possibly fitness classes, ask your instructor for help in one of our clubs. He / she will prepare a plan tailored to your needs and present the technique of each exercise so that you can do everything safely. It is also worth considering a few personal training sessions if you want someone to monitor your progress all the time. If you want to try your own strength I can help. I have prepared two training plans for you. Each of them has a different priority. The first focuses more on the legs, more precisely the quadriceps (thigh) and sciatic-gingival (back of the thigh). The second one puts more on the development of the buttocks. Before each of them, keep in mind the exact warm-up, in which you should include 5 minutes of aerobics, and then the circulation of the hip joints, a few squats and jumps. Dynamic leg stretching is also welcome.

Plan 1

We start with quadriceps muscles and after a good warm up with the first two exercises, we go to heavier sit-ups / leg pushes on the gantry. Then we train the entire back band from the buttocks to the calf, ending with the exercise on the medial side of the thigh. This design should satisfy ladies who want to improve the look of their legs.

Plan 2

In the second plan, the initial three exercises strongly engage the gluteal muscles, immediately telling us what the focus is on training. The first two are the main, the third is the "finisher" - a highly insulated exercise for the bottom and hence also a greater number of repetitions. The rest of the exercises are aimed at reworking the remaining muscle parts so that they are not neglected and that the silhouette maintains proper proportions.


I recommend each of the two plans I present 2 or 3 times a week depending on the intensity (choose one of them). Remember that time for regeneration is very important in strength training. I also remind you not to neglect the upper body, which is also worth taking care of. Do not be afraid of a slight increase in weight. This will be the newly acquired muscle tissue that guarantees a successful summer season!