The number of physically active people increases every year. Along with this increase, the segmentation in this group also increases. Many people say that they play sports, but are they sure? What is sport and what is recreation?

What is sport?

There are many common definitions. In Poland, the concept is also legally regulated. The Sport Act of June 25, 2010 defines it as follows: Sports are all forms of physical activity that through ad hoc or organized participation affect the development or improvement of physical and mental condition, development of social relations or achieving sports results at all levels. Put simply, any activity that leads to competition and rivalry can be called sport. Competitions, professional equipment, and detailed training are things that are characteristic of athletes.


Recreation like sport has many meanings. Most often under this word is all kinds of physical activity aimed at satisfying the basic physical needs of the body, relaxation and rest. In other words, we can call any form of physical activity that we take in our leisure time. Its purpose is to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and activate muscles. Thanks to this, our body stimulates to act, which in the end increases its efficiency.

Well, but what is it really different? 

The basic difference between these two concepts is the element of competition. In sport (both amateur and competitive) competition is the goal and meaning and the whole training is focused on achieving the best result. Rigor, intensity of exercise, time for regeneration, diet. All this is to lead the player to the ultimate success. In the case of recreation, we talk about peaceful, active spending of time. In all of the above cases, we are talking about physical activity. It is necessary for us to maintain the optimal condition of our body and, consequently, health and vitality. We can name physical recreation with any form of activity that we will do in our free time. Choosing a bicycle as a means of transport on the way to work, a walk with a dog or fitness classes will also be it.

Which way is better?

The choice of the form of physical activity depends on many factors. Physical recreation will certainly find a wider circle of receivers. Each of us can be physically active. Regardless of the age, place of residence or wealth of the wallet, you can practice physical recreation. It is essential for our body. For people who do not know where to start, I recommend consulting a specialist who will help ‘to set in motion’ our body. He will say what is good at the beginning and check the zones that require special attention at the start. Do not overdo it with activity when you just got up from the chair. Calm implementation and diligence are the keys to success. Hurry will not be a good advisor here. Nobody is chasing you. It is important that you start and even more important that you do not finish too quickly. Sport requires a little more from us. Preparations to start in the competition require careful planning. Training becomes a detailed process, which is influenced by even unpredicted cold or changes in the weather. The athlete's body is often subjected to extreme stress. Players can train 2-3 times a day, 6-7 days a week. All this to maximize the effects in pursuing the assumed goal. In order for all this to be successful, it is also necessary to regenerate it. By combining the above factors into one coherent whole, the competitor can count on achieving the assumed results.


Why choose recreation? Because it is aimed at maintaining our natural physical fitness. Thanks to it, we can enjoy better well-being and health. Endorphins released during exercise improve mood. The faster circulating blood around the body oxygenates your muscles and brain. It will have a positive effect on the well-being and will reduce the discomfort caused by office work. It will improve memory and concentration, and a calm, even heart work will do its job well and will protect you from many diseases of the 21st century. Use these possibilities as often as possible. Leave sport to those who have a physical and mental predisposition to it. It makes no sense to burden your body so much every day. Remember that professional sport is the same as any other job. The right conditions are needed for it. With the daily work of eight hours and family life it becomes a very difficult path. The path of recreation will allow you to unload everyday emotions, stress, improve well-being and integration with your loved ones. Therefore, do not hesitate. Go for a walk, for training or to a fitness club. Take away family or friends because nothing builds relationships like shared physical activity.