The role of a fitness club in amateur sporting

Amateur athletes are an increasing group of physically active people. The growing popularity of running, triathlon or cycling carries a crowd of amateurs who want to test their abilities during the competition. For effective training they need places that provide optimal conditions. Such places are fitness clubs.

Shapely legs for now! – advice and exercises for women

The summer season is closer than you think. It is worth taking care of better forms and preparation of shapely legs now to be praised in the summer.

Easter dishes – dietitian suggestions

The holiday season is fast approaching. Easter is a time in which we feast with our loved ones at a richly set table. Of course, a family feast is not conducive to the introduction of dietary sacrifices, while often traditional foods can lead to problems with the digestive tract and certainly do not favor work on losing centimeters at the waist. It is worth to use a few simple tricks while preparing dishes, so that you can fully enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. The following article presents proposals for recipes that are an alternative to traditional Easter dishes.

Is it good to exercise on an empty stomach?

There is no doubt that a balanced diet together with physical activity brings effects in the form of weight reduction, as well as improving the appearance of the figure. However, more and more people are looking for new methods to speed up this process. One of the trends is training right after waking up. Practicing exercises without breakfast has both supporters and opponents. The following article discusses in which cases it is worth performing strength or aerobic training without eating a meal.

The role of regeneration in preparation for long-distance run

Each of us has already experienced it, hundreds of trainings, many weeks of preparation and liters of poured sweat, all just to finish the race on the spot far from the expected one. Then all you can do is ask yourself: why is this happening since I implemented my training program from top to bottom, and all of my parameters even moved upright up to the day of the competition? I will explain everything in the following article, i.e. about the hypercompensation and regeneration of a few words.

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